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About the studio

MAY 5th 2005 - Black X Entertainment first opened it's doors on May 5th 2005 after Gaz Coward's first ever attempt at shooting a short film, the short film that's now known as "Rest in Peace". The film follows a young lady who is visiting a Lancashire based cemetery and carrying with her some flowers. At first everything seems to be normal and relaxed with nothing out of the ordinary happening, that is until a gentle but ever so thoughtful scene involving an ex-boyfriend is shown to the viewers. It was that exact short film that set Gaz Coward down the path of filmmaking.....

AUGUST 26TH 2005 - "Rest in Peace" enjoyed a few months of success as it was streamed online to over 2K+ viewers until Gaz decided it was time to follow up with a short and yet again very entertaining sequel titled "Rest In Peace: Noises" This time he incorporated a few extra special effects with a hint of psychological story telling in the event of confusing viewers while keeping the emotional storyline and characters that made the original so successful. Proving to be the correct formula in his story telling abilities "Rest in Peace: Noises" once again followed the same path as the original film and enjoyed much more success on YouTube and similar websites across the web, from that day forward it was a sure thing that Gaz would continue with his filmmaking quest.

SEPTEMBER 2005 - As the weeks and months passed Gaz continued creating short films for an entertainment status but what happened next was something that he never knew would be the main foothold in shooting Black X Entertainment to the top of the "Most Viewed" charts on Youtube.... His next creation was "PlebHead's: Stunt Mania". Teaming up with some friends Gaz put together a team of 5 - 6 people in the hope of recreating stupid but very painful stunts that were being viewed on the popular show Jackass, an American stunt team that travelled around the United States creating havoc and ultimately causing pain to themselves for the entertainment of television. "PlebHead's: Stunt Mania" didn't take long to gain attention of the local kids in the Lancashire area because as soon as a full feature length DVD containing stunts and pranks was released, the local kids started buying and selling copies on to friends along with pushing many genuine visitors towards Black X Entertainment through the roof and gaining a top of the list search on many internet engines.

DECEMBER 2005 - As popularity continued circling the internet an official production studio website was launched to a UK audience where Gaz's creations could be viewed totally free of charge, the films consisted of Lost Love, Drug Abuses, Magic Fingers, The Unseen, Young Heart's Die Young, Bloodchill: The Beginning and finally Destiny all of which did very well viewing wise causing Gaz and a very close friend Barrie P. Stokes to re-think the whole Black X Entertainment status in creating something completely new and exciting.....

AUGUST 2007/2008 - Sitting down in what would be the hardest year of their lives, Gaz Coward and fellow school friend/writer Barrie P. Stokes decided they wanted to try and create a feature length film to showcase online, to friends and studio fans. This task proved a lot more complicating than they first thought. Not only did the first attempt in writing a script hit them harder than anything but they were finding it very hard to find an investor to put money into paying actors, buying locations and most importantly funding the equipment needed to shoot the film. Days, weeks and months passed but the screenplay was finally completed in the Christmas of 2007, with no money to fund the film, the two of them shelved it and decided it was too hard to even attempt but not all hope was lost.... Gaz's uncle and aunty a few years earlier had purchased a computer/video store in the area and it was those two that hammered it into Gaz's head that it doesn't matter how much money you have, a film is only created by those that have the passion and heart to follow through in creating something magical. Around the same time Gaz's uncle put him in contact with a customer and friend of the store who turned out to be married to a very popular film producer in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, USA. His name was Christopher Peters, son of Hollywood production studio head Jon Peters, creator of famous films such as Wild Wild West, Superman and Rain Man to name a few. Gaz and Chris in the weeks to follow exchanged phone calls/emails and some very useful advice. The words of wisdom were that as a filmmaker you should always think one location, a few main characters and something so simple that when filmed or told as a story can be manipulated into being complicated, thus making the viewers think of what is really happening on screen, also known as psychological independent filmmaking with a twist.

In October of 2008 Black X Entertainment's first feature length film "Call-Back" was put into production, with no money what-so-ever! The most amazing thing being that Gaz and Barrie had managed to secure/convince professional actors/actresses into starring in the film, free of charge with the agreement that any profits made would be split 50/50 between all of those involved. The film told the story of five friends who on one lonely Halloween night decide to make a few prank phone calls in the event of winding up some unknown suspect, only the game is turned around as they mistakenly wind up the wrong person ultimately creating a game of manipulation, dark secrets and blood curdling events. The film took only five days/nights to shoot thus being the fastest feature length independent film to be shot that year. If you think about it, it's a pretty good feat as Steven Spielberg shot his first feature length film titled "Duel" in only 30 days on a very small budget with professional actors so we think it's safe to say, Gaz and Barrie really did have their work cut out. Once filming was completed then started the hard task of editing the film in the hope of finally showcasing it to viewers, also known as a test/preview screening. In all the film took 12 months to edit colour correct and finally master onto DVD, though this was not enough to get the film distributed as every studio that the film was mailed to decided it wasn't really what they were looking for, forcing the two filmmakers to once again shelve the film but then something new and amazing happened..... One night while visiting the local cinema with his uncle, Gaz got talking to the building manager who surprising enough was on the look out for locally produced films to showcase to local visitors, this is when things got really exciting.

OCTOBER 2009 - As the weeks/months passed the cinemas manager pushed and pushed the other company managers and even the film buyers office in the hopes of showcasing Black X Entertainment's film, at first it seemed as though the attempt was going to fail until on Halloween of that year it was confirmed that Black X Entertainment's film would be screened to a closed audience at the local Vue Cinema. As Halloween rolled round the nerves started showing, "What if this, what if they, what if no one shows up?" Sure enough people did turn up for the exclusive screening, 50+ viewers to be totally honest, now it was time to sit down and view. The film went down like a perfect trick or treat, not one person left the cinema until the films finale, it was a great success, the best you could ever hope for at a private and exclusive film screening, the reviews came in at 5/5 & 4/5, there was no negative reviews, each and every viewer loved what they had been shown, thus pushing Black X Entertainment into the professional film market....

Review by Lee Duckworth - "Call-Back is full of twists, great storytelling, directing & acting talent"

Review by David Hanson - "For a film with no budget, you'd think it was shot on a big one, great storytelling & cinematography"

Review by Michael Douglas - "What a great experience in working on the film, an even better one to see it on the biggest UK projection screen"

JANUARY 2014 - As of January 2014 onwards, Black X Entertainment is creating much more viewer friendly entertainment as well as opening up brand new divisions within the studio from a Feature Film Division, Web-Series Division, Television Division and a Music Production Division.

Feature Film Division - Call-Back (On Release) Ten Memories Until Freedom (Filming) Separate Ways (Filming)

Web-Series Division - Darkness Calling (On Release), FilmMakersRus (On Release), Playing With Fire (On Release)

BXE Record's Division artists - Aaron Levi & Gustavo 'El Romantico'

Television Division - Paranormal Intent (Airing on ADEYS TV), The Northerners (Airing on ADEYS TV)

JANUARY 2015 - As of January 2015 onwards, Black X Entertainment's Gaz Coward has teamed up with industry friends Matt Greenhalgh and Graham Moody in forming a brand new sister studio to the Black X Entertainment brand under the name AUDAX Film Productions and already many feature films are either on release or still in production.