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If you are visiting this page then you must have a feature film script that you have written or even acquired but now want to take it to the next level and as you know even getting a director to read your screenplay can be a tough job, thatís where we come in.

Black X Entertainment is willing to accept unsolicited screenplays and get them in front of our studios founder and director Gaz Coward and in return he will read your script on the condition that if he likes it then he will get back in contact with you personally to discuss the possibility of being hired to direct the film along with the discussion of how much it will cost for him to be hired to direct your film from page to screen although there are many other aspects to discuss too.

Upon Gaz being hired to work on your film he will then discuss with you the next step in the agreement which is where Black X Entertainment can, if you can afford the additional costs provide you with information in relation to our business partners and contacts who can advice you on many more in depth strategies such as the areas of production, distribution, financing and film packaging.

This added package of course comes at a price but in all itís most suitable for a filmmaker or production company looking to raise money for a film, convince an investor of a complete business plan, or get your film to market in a way that hits on all points in an A plus way.
If you are a new or established filmmaker or company and you need that next level of business and working relationship, Black X Entertainment has the business contacts that can offer coaching and consulting services to get your films produced and distributed and as you will well know with so many films being produced at any one given time and the market highly competitive, it helps to make sure you know the inside tricks of what is selling and what buyers are looking for to make sure you don't waste your budget.
Both one off, in person meetings in the Los Angeles area, (meetings of 1-2 hours should be enough to cover a lot of ground) are available for those wanting to clarify ideas or get inspiration and advice on how to proceed with certain ideas on projects and of course if a meeting in Los Angeles is not an option we can and will consult with you via telephone and email services. 

Per project or monthly rates are also available if you are looking for bigger involvement such as connecting your projects to private equity or hedge funds, getting named actors involved or if you are looking to make a distribution deal for an already completed or a film that is in the pre-production stages. 
Our business partners and contacts can help you make a distribution deal with your film and or company with a major studio, before your film is made just based on your script or after your film is done, itís completely up to you what business relationship you are interested in discussing with us.

If you would like to discuss this information in much more detail you can reach us via email and we will reply within 2 - 3 working days as of receiving your email